Clavicle Suffix | 2015 - contemporary, wooden necklace by MIST forms
This wearable object is shaped as a structural extension of the human body. It is interlaced and geometric configuration subtly accents the delicate beauty of the area around suprasternal notch (Fossa Jugularis Sternalis). This spot is considered sacred in various cultures around the world. Originally the necklace is being worn around the neck on a thin silver chain or a thread. However, it can also be applied through two micro dermal piercing systems on top or under both collar bones.
Following the example of traditional wood joinery techniques, the project has originated through the usage of old woodworking tools such as handsaw, rasp, caliper, sandpaper, carving chisels and knives. Impregnated with mineral oil that both preserves and emphasizes the grain of the wood.
Clavicle Suffix is not a strictly decorative piece of jewelry, on the contrary, it is a reflection on the past, a story about knowledge. A sublime testimony that reminds us of hard working hand-building generations, a totem transferred to a form of a wearable object.
width approx: 17,5cm
length of chain: 28cm​​​​​​​
As an material, the wood is "alive" and it reacts to external conditions, such as moisture and heat. When you wear a wooden piece it merges and becomes a part of you so it requires attention and care.
The necklace is coated and protected with natural wax that emphasizes the grain of a specific wood.

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